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AI Technology has dramatically improved smart home technology as we know it.

From voice-activated assistants to state of the art security systems, technology companies are creating products to make our lives safer and easier. There are automated vacumes with the iRobot system. Siri can remind you when to wake up or if your stove is still on. The capabilities are seemingly limitless and how does one decide which are most beneficial for their home?

At Fairway Independent Mortgage, we thought we would do a little homework and share this summary of some of the home technology systems currently on the market.

The Multi-Tasker

You are a single parent who owns and operates your own business. You have one child in track and field events and another in basketball. You are on several school committees and you could really use a personal assistant. Fear not! If you need a quick way to make grocery lists, check the weather, receive verbal reminders about a pick-up time and location – a voice-activated home assistant may be just what you need. Devices like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are a top choice for homeowners. Smart assistants are great gadgets to have for quick auto reminders and small task performers.

The World Traveler

Smart lighting is a great feature to have if you aren’t home a lot, but don’t want outsiders to think your house is empty. Smart lighting allows you to control the lights in your home by using an app on your smartphone. Whether you are miles away from your home, or simply forgot to turn the lights off in the bathroom, this feature is super convenient and easy to use.

The Protective Parent

Video monitoring systems are also great features to have in your home. Monitoring cameras will allow you to feel safe and secure while you are in your home or out for the day. See what that “noise” was that you heard in the other room. Maybe you need to solve an argument with your spouse about which animal is ripping up the trash during the day?

Alert features send notices to your smartphone letting you know if someone is at your door. Some systems also allow you to video chat if someone comes to your door, adding a bit more security.

Not a DIY Person? No Problem!

If you want a more hands-off approach or if you don’t feel comfortable buying and working these gadgets yourself, specifically video monitoring systems, there is good news! These systems can be professionally installed for you. There are even some that require little to no installation whatsoever. If you opt for professional installment, the company that performed the installation will manage the maintenance of the system and monitor your security systems to let you know if any issues arise.

Having smart technology in your house is very beneficial as a homeowner and will be an added feature if you plan on selling your house. With so many options at different price points, it is easy to add a few key gadgets to your home and build from there. Whether you are looking for a simple device, to a complete smart home system for a fully automated household, the options are endless. CALL 508.245.0705 TODAY or complete the form below to learn more.

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